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I-SEE VISION, Best Vision.
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I-SEE VISION TECHNOLOGY INC. was founded in March 1999, is a research-driven medical optical company offering a wide variety of products with innovative technology and advanced design. We further extend our know-how on soft contact lens technology to medical and vision care. We have become one of the world’s most advanced leading independent optical and contact lens products provider.


Continuous Innovation
I-SEE VISION TECHNOLOGY INC. focusing on manufacturing various kinds of soft contact lenses to meet customers’ needs. We also provide technical consultation and design service on soft contact lenses. I-SEE VISION TECHNOLOGY INC. researches, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products, directly and through corporate alliances, to satisfy customer needs and improve the quality of life. Our endeavors are demonstrated by short process cycle times, high yields, and controlled production costs through the automation-integrated and unique “Wet Cast Molding Process” developed by I-SEE VISION.


Our Mission

Innovation:To create the best qualified and market demanded product with our innovative technology.

Creativity:To produce safe and comfortable lenses with excellent capability in design and technique.

Speed:To assure stable cooperative relationship with quick delivery time.

Flexibility:To meet market demand with high efficiency and various product selections.


Best Quality Assurance

In addition to outstanding product design and professional manufacturing process, I-SEE VISION also cooperates with international agents, laboratories, and hospitals to assure our customers of the best quality. From 2000, we have received ISO 13485, CE, GMP, US FDA, Japan MHLW, UAE, Brazil ANVISA, SFDA, Singapore HSA, etc.


Global Business Partners

With advanced and experienced Wet Cast Molding Process and well-established Quality Management System, I-SEE VISION has built up the most professional and solid partnership with customers across 5 continents. We are striving to become the most efficient and innovative global provider of excellent qualitycontact lenses.


Founded with capital of USD 6.25 Million ct lens


Relocated headquarters to Hsinchu
Obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485:1996 certifications


Obtained GMP (Class 1000) super clean production environment certification
Obtained CE certification
Completed the development of the “Gradient Cast Molding” process technology
Developed 38%, 42%, 55%, 65% water of contents soft contact lens


Started trial production


Started mass production
Acquired first Taiwan license for medical device (now 16 licenses accumulated)
Launched weekly and quarterly disposable lens



Launched daily disposable lens
Automation packaging and shipping center


Initiated development of color lens
Acauired MHLW for Japanese market
Acquired Mainland-China license for medical device
Obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification


Mass production at 2nd production line


Completed/expanded new manufacturing plant
Established 3rd production line
Developed 2nd generation manufacturing process


Established 4th production line
Sandwiched color lens promote to market
Developed ANTI-UV products


FDA 510(K) approval for medical devices


ANSI Class I ANTI-UV lenses promoted to market


Mass production at 5th production line, (multi-purposes) production line
Launch color daily contact lens


Private Label 

To meet various market needs, I-SEE VISION provides highly flexible customized OEM services. Clients can create their own products and brands according to their demands and selling strategy. The customized items are as below,

- Lens design
- Formula
- Packaging
- Certificate applying
- Own branding


Our clients are around the world, including Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, Greece, the Netherlands, Brazil and etc. We are highly appreciated by our customers. Beside the existing clients, we aggressively search for new markets to develop the global market.