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I-SEE VISION, Best Vision.
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Color lens

Sandwich Structure

Sandwich Structure,which the pigments are embedded between two layers of clear lenses,There’s no direct contact with cornea or eyelid,offerong greater enhanced comfort and safty to the wearers.


Natural Colors

I-SEE VISION’s Color Lenses,blend of natural colors,create and enhance a truly natural look.


Ultra Thin Design

Combining with our core technique “Wet Cast Molding Process”with sandwich design,the texture becomes thinner and smoother,creates “no feel” of the lens and easy tofit the eyeballs.


Moisture Ptoperties

The moisture properties retain remarkable water content on the eye,creating the most comfort and health of corneal surface.



Anti-protein Material

The non-ionic substance helps to resist protein deposit, prolonging all day wearing comfort.


Aspheric Design

The lens fits perfectly to the eyeball contour, which adjusts visual image definition, optimizing visual acuity.


Special Edge Design

Special Edge Design: The unique Edge-Lift technology enhance the strength of the edges, as well as providing better tear & oxygen exchange for long time comfort wear, delivering exceptional wearing experience.



UV Blocking 

UV Protection

Offering a minimum 90% of UVA and minimum 99% of UVB protection filtering harmful rays away from direct or reflected sunlight.


Moisture Properties

I-SEE VISION’s UV Blocking lens, with ”Exceptional Moisture Release,” offers maximum UV protection while also offering all day comfort from insertion to removal and helps to relieve symptoms of red and dry eyes.


Special Edge Design

Special Edge Design: The unique Edge-Lift technology enhance the strength of the edges, as well as providing better tear & oxygen exchange for long time comfort wear, delivering exceptional wearing experience.


Multi-curve Design

Provide excellent handling and precise fitting with better ocularcomfort during every eyes blinking.


CE Products  

Eye Care 

Preparing the lens for wearing

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse completely, and dry with a lint-free towel before touching your lenses.
  2. Avoid the use of soaps containing cold cream, lotion, or oily cosmetics before handling your lenses.
  3. Handle your lenses with your fingertips, and be careful to avoid touching with fingernails. It is helpful to keep your fingernails short and smooth.

Handing the lenses

  1. Remove the lens from its storage case and examine it to be sure that it is moist, clean, clear, and free of any nicks or tears. If the lens appears damaged, do not use it.
  2. Verify that the lens is not turned inside out by placing it on your forefinger and checking its profile.

Pacing the lens on the eyes

  1. Place the lens on the tip of your forefinger. BE SURE THE LENS IS CORRECTLY ORIENTED.
  2. Place the middle finger of the same hand close to your lower eyelashes and pull down the lower lid.
  3. Use the forefinger or middle finger of the other hand to lift the upper lid.
  4. Place the lens on the eye.
  5. Gently release the lids and blink. The lens will center automatically.

Removing the lens

  1. Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.
  2. Look up, slide the lens to lower part of the eye using the forefinger.
  3. Gently pinch the lens between the thumb and forefinger.
  4. Remove the lens.

Caring for your lenses

  1. Always use fresh, unexpired lens care solution.
  2. Use the recommended system of lens care, chemical (not heat), and carefully follow instruction on solution labeling.
  3. Always remove, clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses according to the schedule prescribed by your eye care practitioners.
  4. Never rinse your lenses in water from the tap.
  5. To store lenses, disinfect and leave them in the closed/unopened case until ready to wear.
  6. Always keep your lenses completely immersed in a recommended disinfecting solution when the lenses are not being worn.
  7. After removing your lenses from the lens case, empty and rinse the lens storage case; then allow the lens case to air dry.


  1. Carefully follow the contact lens wearing and replacement instructions recommended by eye care practitioners.
  2. If your eyes become red or irritated or you experience any pain, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye care practitioners.
  3. Replace damaged, contaminated or scratched lenses immediately.
  4. DO NOT use your lenses for water sports unless watertight goggles are worn.
  5. DO NOT sleep with your lenses on.
  6. DO NOT wear the lenses when using eye drops.